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Specialized Internal Medicine

At New Hope Veterinary Wellness Center, our commitment is to deliver exceptional internal medicine services that accurately diagnose and effectively treat your pet's health problems.


We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Shannon Palermo who offers specialized internal medicine here at New Hope!


She is a board-certified internal medicine specialist with an extensive history of caring for pets in the Rochester area!

We employ a rational and efficient approach to diagnostics, ensuring we avoid unnecessary procedures that could add stress for your pet or incur needless expenses. Our goal is to precisely determine the root cause of your pet's symptoms and formulate an effective treatment strategy accordingly.

Going Above And Beyond For Your Pets!

Maintain Current Practice

No obligation to leave your current veterinary practice!

Comprehensive Communication

All of your pets records and test results with be sent to the referral veterinarian to maintain continuity of care and clear communication.

In-Depth Diagnosis

Diagnostics offered will include abdominal ultrasound and ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates, digital radiography, bone marrow aspirates, feeding tube placement, arthrocentesis, and airway sampling (via endotracheal wash).

Experienced & Trusted

Dr. Palermo is a board certified internal medicine specialist and has a long history of caring for pets in the Rochester area, having previously worked at Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services!

Taking the dog for a walk

Contact Us Today!

Dr. Palermo is working on a referral basis. Contact us today with any questions concerning your pet's specialized internal medicine needs! 

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