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We think of holistic philosophy as the comprehension that all of the parts of something are intimately interconnected. In medicine, this means the treatment of the Whole Pet.


The Journey to New Hope Veterinary Wellness Center, unfortunately, began with the difficult news of my wife Lisa’s cancer diagnosis. Our family was rocked as we all struggled with what this meant. During Lisa’s healing journey there were many ups and downs and realizations that not every answer is found in a single book. 


The turning point moment for us was when Lisa’s Doctor ran out of options after her cancer came back. With no particular positive goal, the plan was to repeat things that were already in-effective. Out of necessity, we looked inward and to other sources of healing, and learned there is much more out there than "a pill for this" or "a shot for that". 

Energy healing, diet, and other complementary therapies have helped Lisa beat the ‘time limit’ given by her previous Doctors, as we continue to learn and thrive on her journey.

It was seeing this success that lead me to learn a new set of skills and approaches to help heal Pets and keep families together and healthy as long as I can.

Dr. Brunson's Story

Dr. Christopher Brunson grew up in Plainview, NY where his love of animals began early in life. Following high school, Dr. Brunson attended the University of Rochester, where he studied Evolutionary Biology and Ecology.  After graduation, he attended The Royal Veterinary College in England where he earned BvetMed degree.  


Throughout his five years of vet school, Dr. Brunson saw practice throughout England, Scotland and Wales working with mixed animal and farm animal practices.  After completing vet school, Dr. Brunson returned to the Rochester area, where he began his career as an associate veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital. In his 7 years with Banfield, Dr. Brunson served as an area Chief of Staff to 4 hospitals and was a member of the Medical Opinion Leaders board. In 2016, Dr. Brunson received an award as the Northeast Chief of Staff of the Year.


Dr. Brunson loves and enjoys working with all types of animals, not just dogs and cats.  His passion extends to the medicine and surgery of all companion animals including reptiles, exotic mammals and birds. He also has an interest in cardiology, complimentary medicine, and helping pets with chronic and other serious illnesses.


When not at work, Dr. Brunson can usually be found spending time with his family which includes his Wife Lisa; children Nadiya and William, and two dogs, a Daschund Bellatrix, and mixed rescue Elena. Two rabbit Nola and Terrance, and 3 fish (Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu). He also enjoys video games, books, writing, travel and cooking.



Preventive care

Annual wellness exams, Vaccination consultations, deworming, Blood screenings  and Fecal fecal parasite exams.


Dental Care

Dental consultations, exams and preventive maintenance. As well as Dental cleanings, and extractions and surgery.



 Elective surgery including spay and Neutering, as well as urgent and Emergent soft tissue surgery.



We treat a wide range of sick and injured pets.  We work together with you as a team to formulate a care plan that both diagnoses and treats your pet by taking a whole body approach.




Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Using a state-of-the-art Veterinary Exclusive Hyperbaric Chamber we can deliver many times the normal amount of oxygen to the blood. This will in turn deliver this to tissues, fluids, glands, and organs to treat many different conditions including chronic pain, accelerate wound healing, and help fight infections.

Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser Therapy

 This is quickly become the standard of care for the treatment of pain, inflammation, and wound healing. Our M-Vet therapy laser can dramatically improve wound healing and pain associated with injuries, after complicated surgery and even dental disease.


Nutrition consultation

 Pet Health starts with the diet. Not every dog or cat fits into the same bag or box of food. We will help create and support a diet and lifestyle that will promote health and longevity in your companion.


Supplements and Nutraceuticals

 There are many claims, promises,  and misconceptions out there about how we can help our friends live better lives. We will help navigate the waters of beneficial supplements and herbs and how they may be included to help your companion live a long and healthy life.


Reiki and Healing Touch for Animals

These energy healing techniques are focused at helping heal your companion, rather than treating a single condition. By working with a Pet’s energy we can help influence the health and well-being of animals and strengthen the human animal bond. 




If you're familiar with Pure Imagination Cafe, you know our goal is to provide a place of community. With New Hope Veterinary that mission is no different. We love the Rochester community and take great pride in being a part of it!

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